Inspired By The Islands Of Hawaii

Ranked Number 1 by Forbes and Entrepreneur Media, Verma Farms has adopted the Hawaiian approach to hemp and their CBD product range. Their mission statement is to leave the world in a better place than when they found it and deliver meaningful experiences for people using their CBD products. They believe in keeping their manufacturing process as pure as possible, just like the waterfalls cascading from the Hawaiian mountains. Verma Farms is continuously improving their process in their bid to provide an authentic, organic experience.

Verma Farms uses organic, pesticide free, non GMO cannabis plants to produce their CBD range of products. There is No THC at all in any of their CBD products which is perfect for countries like Japan that legally require CBD to have zero THC.

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Inspired By Maui

As Natural As The Earth It Comes From

Verma Farms take their inspiration from the mountains of Hawaii and their CBD is sourced from organic hemp. Their manufacturing process is done by distilling their CBD oils through a preservative free process ensuring all the natural cannabinioids are present in their final products.

Verma Farms CBD product range covers all lifestyle goals from relaxing to focus and recovery.

We’ve worked hard to develop a line of products that align with any and all lifestyles.

  • Organic Hemp, As natural as the earth it comes from
  • Pesticide Free
  • Non GMO
  • Us Grown Hemp, sustainably sourced
  • Laboratory tested

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I feel a lot happier these days. It’s all because of Verma Farms. This CBD oil has really improved my quality of life.


I haven’t felt this good in 30 years! Now it’s a regular part of my day. Nothing better than this CBD oil.


Crushed my last business presentation due to this. This bottle really helped me to focus. Got me on track and got me that promotion!