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Endoca CBD Capsules Raw, Buy Online, wordwide shipping, including Japan, thailand, hong kong, vietnam and India

Endoca is one of the highest quality CBD brands on the market and it has a deep rooted heritage. Endoca was founded by Henry Vincteny who has a PHD in Biotechnology and Genetics form the University Of Copenhagen. During his research Henry realised that THC was not the only cannabinoid in Hemp that has therapeutic benefits. They set about developing a breed of Hemp that has a high CBD content without the illegal psychoactive THC and they succeeded.


  • Take on an empty stomach
  • 1 to 2 capsules per day, together or spread out

Endoca Raw CBD Capsules offer premium quality CBD in an easy to take capsule. The Endoca Raw range is unheated ensuring all the natural cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals are present. Fully organic and non-GMO

Endoca CBD capsules raw buy online at authentic organic CBD, worldwide shipping


This oil has been my savior during quarantine in my country. I feel calmer and it has helped me with muscle tightness around my ribs due to stress.

Maite Suira

The Raw line with Endoca is my favorite as I feel it acts the most quickly and effectively. The “strong” is too strong for me, but I always tell my patients who want a powerful result that they will get the best fast results with this product. Sometimes people say the oral liquid is too…

Jesse Violet

I like using the drops because I can get a very specific amount. I hold the drop under my tongue for several minutes and I can feel the results within minutes. I trust Endoca raw products since I’ve had such good responses with them. They work better for me than broad spectrum or isolate.


Certificate Of Analysis For Endoca CBD

Endoca certificate of analysis

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