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CBD Luxe, Pharma Grade, 500Mg CBD Tincture Spray


CBD Luxe,  Pharma Grade Nebuliser Spray

500Mg Full Spectrum CBD

USDA Certified Organic MCT Coconut Oil


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CBD Luxe, Pharma Grade 500Mg CBD Spray

The Most Advanced, Bio Enhanced CBD Products Available

BE Labs Make CBD Luxe and they are a highly innovative company. You only need to look at the range of their premium quality CBD products and delivery systems to see that. Their focus is on your health and wellbeing. They know that without your health life can soon lose its lustre. This is why they are continuously first to market with their new, life enhancing products.

CBD Luxe uses only the purest, organically grown, full spectrum CBD Oil derived from locally grown fields in America. The hemp crops are guaranteed to be herbicide and pesticide free and Non GMO. The quality of their products is assured. They extensively lab test all their products and you can see the lab tests here.

CBD Luxe uses Full PCR hemp oil meaning as well as CBD, you also benefit from the plants CBG, CBD and CBN Cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are complemented with Organic Non GMO MCT Oil from Coconuts. They say you will not find a tincture with the same level of purity, efficacy and quality as you will find with CBD Luxe Oils. Also, their large 30 mL bottle will last you much longer than competitor tinctures.

CBD Luxe continues their long established tradition of bringing innovative delivery methods to the market. With their nebuliser spray you can apply their premium quality full PCR CBD topically to any part of your body for quick relief of your symptoms. Symptoms include muscular pain and other deep tissue maladies. CBD Spray when applied to the skin is also perfect for treating psoriasis, eczema and epidermolysis bullosa.

The spray is also perfect for oral ingestion through your mouth. When administered as a spray it is rapidly absorbed. This method makes it easier for people, including children with seizures or people who struggle swallowing pills.

People that suffer from digestive issues also benefit from taking a spray orally as the CBD is absorbed quickly and not reliant on the digestive system to pass it through to the blood stream.

CBD Spray is favoured by people that suffer from nausea, especially cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy. Scientists studying nausea in cancer patients have found that it is difficult to treat such patients by giving them a capsule or pill to swallow.

CBD Luxe, Pharma Grade 500Mg CBD Spray, Buy CBD online Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, USA, Europe


Best CBD you can buy on the internet!
Gregory Wood
I use all 3 varieties. Although I no longer drink alcohol, when i did Be Clear really helped with the hangovers. I love BE Alert for those afternoon lulls and Be Calm is my go to for bedtime. All 3 are fantastic in their own special way. I swear by your products. I have Multiple Sclerosis and rely on your products daily. Even my 89 year old mother swears by Be Calm. Great products, Thank You
Susan Rinko

The 1000Mg Full Spectrum really helped my chronic headaches. After a few hits of the oil I was able to relax and felt much less stressed

Jake Saporto

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CBD Luxe

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