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એન્ડોકા એ એક ઉચ્ચ ગુણવત્તાની છે CBD બજારમાં બ્રાંડ્સ અને તે એક deepંડા મૂળની વારસો ધરાવે છે. એન્ડોકાની સ્થાપના હેનરી વિંક્ટીએ કરી હતી જેમની પાસે બાયોટેકનોલોજી અને જિનેટિક્સમાં પીએચડી છે કોપનહેગન યુનિવર્સિટીની રચના. તેમના સંશોધન દરમિયાન હેનરીને તે સમજાયું THC હેમ્પમાં એકમાત્ર કેનાબીનોઇડ ન હતો જેનો ઉપચારાત્મક લાભો છે. તેઓએ હેમ્પની જાતિ વિકસિત કરી છે જેનું પ્રમાણ વધુ છે CBD ગેરકાયદેસર મનોવૈજ્tiveાનિક વગરની સામગ્રી THC અને તેઓ સફળ થયા.

They launched in 2010 with the brand name Endoca, short for Endocannabinoid. Today they have over 100 employees and 2000 acres of organically grown hemp. Their onsite laboratory is fully GMP compliant. Their Mission Statement is to make CBD and its significant health benefits available to everyone around the world.

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પ્રીમિયમ ગુણવત્તા CBD પ્રોડક્ટ્સ

On Site And Third Party Tested

આ CBD industry is notorious for a general lack of standards and quality control. A lot of Hemp crops are grown using pesticides and herbicides to increase yields. Endoca have their own crop and invest considerable amounts in quality control through their onsite laboratories. Testing is taken very seriously in order to maintain their high quality of product and it is all fully transparent. Every batch has an independent certificate of analysis. In order to maintain their GMP certification Endoca batches are also third party tested and consistently exceed the required levels of quality control.

Endoca guarantees their CBD products are 100% organic and free of any synthetics.

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Hi, i have struggled with a chronic illness for 20 years now. In and out of painful and disabling remissions. A year or so ago I found Endoca and have used both the Raw Strong 50mg oil and capsules which pretty much immediately stopped my symptoms which I have not had since using Endoca hemp. All I can say is that I feel like I have been given a chance to live again and I feel I now have control of my life. The expense is high but nothing comes close to the effects of Endoca’s hemp, I now find using the suppositories regularly works out better financially and if I feel like my illness is coming back I regain control with either the strong 50mg oil or capsules. Thanks Endoca for your products just a shame I can’t get them on NHS prescription lol


I’m new to CBD but this, by far has to be the strongest stuff. People are buying the wrong CBD and it is probably about a 99th % of this Endoca product! I think that CBD must be meant for me because my beginning experiences is with it, thus far have been pretty positive. I have some health goals and I’m going to use CBD to help me reach those goals.I trust that with this particular brand I won’t have a problem. So far so good??


Love this product. Between, arthritis, fibromyalgia, A/S and hip and knee replacement, this allows me a modicum of peace. Used to take 2-10mg a day, but now do 4 to 6 a day. That seems to help pain and calm me. Have been hit g severe headaches and I take two when I wake up at 12:30am to 2:00am with the headache medicine. My husband hadn’t seen the reason behind CBD, but he does now.