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Foria is a really exciting, innovative CBD brand pioneering new advances in the sexual health and wellness field. Their product ranges focus on intimacy, wellness and relief. The Foria community of users report incredible results and “out of this world” sexual experiences.

Not surprisingly, Foria has garnered a lot of attention and has featured in several premium publications from GQ to the New York Times.

Foria is the first to the CBD Market offering products for intimacy. Primarily for “people with vulvas”, but absolutely for men as well. Their belief is we should all have a healthy relationship with ourselves sexually, free of shame, totally at home in our own bodies so we can live a life of joy.

Foria Wellness CBD Oil
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FORIA Wellness Collection

As well as their Intimacy Line, Foria also has an equally fantastic Wellness Line Of products to restore your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) and return your body to its intended, naturally balanced state of wellbeing.

All Foria products are 100% plant based and organic. There are absolutely no chemicals or fragrances.

All products are third party tested for purity and to ensure only the highest quality CBD Oil.

Foria hemp is USDA Organic Certified and regeneratively grown.

All packaging is recyclable.

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Foria CBD Certificate Of Analysis

Organically Grown In America

Scientifically Tested

  • Foria uses organically grown hemp from Hudson Hemp. They use regenerative cultivation practices for the betterment of the planet.
  • Massage 1 or more droppers directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina.
  • Experience increased arousal, enhanced sensation, improved wetness, full body relaxation and a deeper orgasm.
  • You can use Foria with lubricants but apply Foria first.
  • Foria is oil based so use polyurethane or nitrile condoms, not latex condoms.
  • Foria can be used with non latex sex toys.
  • Made out of food grade ingredients and it is completely safe to ingest orally. Giving oral pleasure to you partner with Foria CBD products is a tasty enjoyable experience.
  • The Foria formula works so well because of the blend of botanicals and CBD which work in harmony. See the individual products for the incredible ingredients.


The best thing to happen to your uterus since…. anything honestly!”


When taken consistently for a few days the world seems like a better place.


The best description I can think of is that it’s like orgasms in stereo.