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AOC stands for  Authentic, Organic, CBD. This is Our Mission Statement. We research and then affiliate with only the best, organically grown CBD brands on the market that cater for our customers all over the world. All too often you can spend hours searching for a quality brand only to find at check out they will not deliver to your country.

CBD is rapidly gaining recognition around the world for good reason, the health benefits are profound. The world we live in is incredible. However, In the last ten years alone our pace of life has increased rapidly. A recent study proved we even walk faster, covering 60 feet in just 12.5 seconds, a full second faster than we did a decade ago. However, as the world speeds up we have not evolved to keep up with it. Palaeoanthropologists generally agree humans haven’t evolved for 130 000 years.

We just aren’t built to live so fast and that’s why health issues, particularly mental, are on the increase. At AOC we fell into the same problem, fast internationally based lifestyle, time zones, always on. In trying to do everything we soon started missing everything. We heard about CBD but found it was difficult to get hold of reputable brands, brands we trusted and knew were authentic. Brands based on principles.

So we have done the research for you and AOC was born. We hope we help you improve your lifestyle and find some peace again.

We provide a wealth of information on our site covering all aspects of CBD in order to help  you choose the most appropriate product and brand to meet your needs.

Our focus is to improve peoples lives, plain and simple.

To ensure peace of mind, the brands we choose must all meet the following requirements. This process means we have already done the research for you so you know that when you choose a product from our site you are getting the real deal.

Organically Sourced
All brands must use CBD that is extracted from organically grown hemp and must be 100% GMO free (not genetically modified)

Laboratory Tested
All brands must have a readily available certificate of analysis showing source ingredients

All the brands we work with have a THC content of 0.2% or less ensuring it is legal. However, please check the rules and regulations of your home country if you have any doubt

Expert advice
The Brands we work with have been chosen by us because of their commitment to customer satisfaction and their commitment to help you find the best products to help you improve your life and wellbeing.